Boredom is something that almost all of us face. In fact we often come across in this hectic and monotonous dull schedule. Getting rid of this itself becomes more tedious when you are simply confused what to do. So to help you out to get rid of this stupid boredom, herein is a full bucket of best 30 things that you can indulge yourself in when you are simply drop-dead bored.

1.  Online is indeed a boon for the 21st century inhabitants. But this web excitement can be completely different if you start a random conversation with a stranger. Start a chat with any stranger and know how many funny people can be out there.


2.  Add some random fun. Think of not thinking about penguins for 5 minutes. Or simply make a random plan to shout out standing in your roof. Say stupid stuff and do some stupid job.


3.  Dress yourself in any funky stuff and speak words quite like in a robotic voice and soon you will be finding people dying out laughing. After all, their problems would seem much better!


4.  Online games is yet another boon brought by the web world. In order to feel really energetic and to get that taste of real success, log in, in any of the popular gaming sites and get ready to be excited.


5.  Call up any of those old people who simply don’t have any idea about the latest gadgets. Call your grandma and start a random conversation on the latest Android version of Lollipop. As she starts yelling at you, thus your mission has accomplished.


6.  Get out and rate the passer-bys by their looks and walking style. For a more daring approach walk up and suggest some tips by which they can improve their looks. Though it can be quite vague whether you will land up in a hospital or in a police station.


7.  As if this wasn’t enough, why not pretend to stalk on random people. Don’t delimit yourself to only pretty ladies. Some real hunks are also there as well. Keep staring unless his or her better half comes up and finally you would be able to create an epic scene.


8.  Get out of your home and act like a zombie. For a better and spicier memory, get your friend to record the reactions of the other people and get them uploaded in any of the leading social networks.


9.  Grab your make-up accessories and put all the make-up that you have. This one is in fact for both men and women. Add some mascara or Kohl over your face. Click it and put it in Instagram and get ready for some funny comments.


10.  When will siblings and your parents be useful! Keep staring continuously for about ten minutes at your parents or your siblings. And please don’t even smile. Give that feel they have done something wrong. The suspense will be indeed an exciting one.


11.  Make a video where in you are trying to say that you love members of your sex. Keep convincing you can’t date someone of opposite sex. The reaction from people of older age will simply blow your mind.


12.  Keep blabbering tongue-twisters in your peak voice. Or rather keep repeating such stuff while returning from your office. Not only you will be entertained but even the passer-bys will also be humoured.


13.  Speak in the most stupidest way. Mix different accents speaking in different paces. First say in a super-fast way. Next say it super-slowly. Keep doing this and soon you will feel your problems are much better.


14.  If you love munching and simply can’t stop loving that snacky sound, put a whole lot of French fries inside your mouth and pose as if you are about to kill the world. Instagram will do the rest!


15.  Take out your toy-knife and literally try to be the He-Man of your house by killing anything that you see like insects, dirt (yes dirt) and dust. Be the superhero of your home.


16.  Use random colours and splash them over a plain white paper. Reveal the artist in you, irrespective of how bad you can be.


17.  In case you are bored of being aboard on a bus, why not act as if you are drop-dead-drunk. No wonder as you start acting like one, you will definitely get a good seat.


18.  Be childish by making paper boats and flow them over you bath tub. After all being child is never bad.


19.  Especially if you and your family is bored, sing any of your favorite song. Make sure your voice is loud enough to attract even the neighbors.


20.  Nothing can gain more attention than pretending that you are crying and you simply need help. Just walk up to the street and start crying of course without any apparent reason. The reactions of the others will be enough to spice up the situation.


21.  Call up Mac Donald’s or KFC or Dominoes or any other major leading company and ask them how many napkins or tissues do they have. Make your tone quite like an important one.


22.  Get yourself a long bath singing in the stupidest way, using the shampoo bottle as the microphone. Prove to the world you were destined to be the worst bathroom singer.


23.  Start writing an autobiography on a burger or pizza or any other stuff that you love to have. After all being human, you must know about their pains too.


24.  Freak any random person by pointing your finger to him or her, saying, “I know you are one of them.”


25.  Call up and order a pizza exactly at 11.55 pm on 31st December. As it gets delivered start yelling saying, “I ordered this pizza one year ago.”


26.  Call up Mac Donald’s or Pizza Hut ask for the number of Dominoes.


27.  Take one of your friends and visit a random pet shop. Point your finger towards any of the employees and say, “Mommy! I want that one.”


28.  Buy yourself a donut and instantly lodge a complaint saying that it has a hole.


29.  Visit any electronic store, taking a Kit Kat chocolate with you and say to one of the employees that you want to upgrade to Lollipop.


30.  While returning home ask anyone if they know the way to the airport. If they say “yes” say in a stern way, “Now that’s like a good boy/girl.” And if they say “no” say angrily, “I expected more from you!”


So now when you know what to do, get yourself to do one of these and trigger up your life even if it is for some moments. Forget about your boredom in such an exciting way that you will instead.