There are many ways How to Attract Women with Body Language is the best tool in any seduction. With so many actions and thoughts in our heads, a woman could be distracted by the smallest of things.

You must keep an eye on the various body movements that she makes while you talk to her. If she sits back with her legs spread a little then you could add a little flirting into your conversation. However, this could all be just a waste of time.

Approach her and give her a hug. There is no better way of getting a woman to feel at ease than to add some body contact. Women like it when men touch them for no other reason than to feel safe and loved.

She would also feel safe and loved if she felt a little sexy and physical presence from you. All the physical actions can be easily combined with some passionate feelings.

Physical touch will always bring out the feelings. If you could give her a short massage at first then that would really help.

Never forget to do some physical contact with her, but make sure that the touching is only from the upper part of her back to her shoulders. This is not too sexual but it is enough to make her feel comfortable. In fact, you must avoid any fondling and caressing of her upper body.

If you make use of eye contact then you could add a whole new dimension to your relationship. It is a proven fact that eye contact increases sexual interest on women.

If you want to know How to Attract Women with Body Language then you must ensure that you are able to elicit some eye contact from her. You must create the impression that you are interested in her, want to get to know her better and most importantly that you like her.

Eye contact does not mean staring at her but it is simply looking at her in the eyes. Keep your eyes fixed on hers as long as you can without looking away.

If you don’t have a girlfriend then you need to learn how to show her some strong eye contact to start off on the right foot. If you have already had a relationship, then you may want to make some use of this.

Always try to avoid looking directly into her eyes but still maintain some amount of eye contact as long as you can. This is how you make eye contact with a woman in the beginning and it will help you build a great connection.

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