The increasing popularity of video calling apps have found a way to become one of the most favorite features of Android phones. Being able to call a friend from the comfort of your home is a wonderful addition to the communication capabilities of an Android phone. In fact, mobile devices from different brands are now supporting the same feature. It is just a matter of time before the newer models of cell phones are also upgraded to support this feature.

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The most popular apps for video calling are: Google’s Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and XMMS. The first two are free to use and the latter is a paid app that supports up to 5 users. They can be downloaded from Google Play. To see if video calling is available for your Android phone, simply go to Settings and then Applications and then Look for Hangouts. It should be available in the list of applications.

If the video calling application is installed, it will appear as a big button at the left corner of the screen. Simply tap it to start video calling. It is now possible to send and receive videos between two users. Many popular users have reported a number of bugs while using these apps. It is recommended that you do not download video calling apps if you want a good user experience. Always use trusted sources for downloading the apps, and use common sense while installing and using the apps.