The Oblige: Oblige is an online game that claims to be free-to-play but doesn’t actually require a lot of investment. In addition to the paid options, they also have a money-back offer. There are some advantages of the game, such as the fact that you can watch live video streams of your in-game avatar in progress, even if you are offline, or that they have some community features that can be accessed through an area on the site called “the Hive.”

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What You Might Expect: You get a web browser, a chat client, and a special avatar that you can wear while you play. Your Web browser acts as a temporary host and is an added bonus, since it makes your connection faster when using it in a browser. It’s a straightforward interface and is easy to navigate, but I would not suggest playing this game using anything other than your computer. You should also expect to be looking at a minimum of a five-minute wait for a playable video stream. That said, there is a bit of a learning curve. You will likely find the game enjoyable and you’ll enjoy interacting with others through chat.

The Other Free-To-Play Options: One of the biggest problems with most of the free-to-play games is that you’ll be able to get the barest basics for free but will have to pay a monthly fee in order to get any bigger benefits. That’s why I’d advise against relying on this particular type of game. Oblige is one of the few that don’t come with any sort of monthly fees.