Can chatting online at Chatroulette work on iPhone? That is the question which has been bothering me for a while now. In fact, when I first began using Chatroulette to chat online with people from all over the world, I was quite apprehensive about this because I had no idea of how well it would work. I mean, what if people found out that I was not the real person behind the account and so forth. And so, like I mentioned above, I started using it just to find out that it worked just fine as I had suspected.

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Anyway, a few weeks back, I got chatting with one of my good friends over Chatroulette and he asked me to show him how it works on iPhone. And so, I showed him. The reason why I asked him to show me how it works on iPhone is because I know some of my friends who use Chatroulette and they all use their iPhone, which is why I wanted to see how the Chatroulette interface on iPhone would look like.

After showing him how it works on iPhone, he also told me that he was curious about Chatroulette on iPhone and so he wants to try it. So, I asked him if he could give me a link of his chat account so that I can go in and test it out for myself. I also asked him if he would be using Chatroulette for life. So, he finally gave me a link of his Chatroulette account so that I can check it out for myself. After trying it out, I was quite amazed with the way the interface of Chatroulette worked on iPhone. All you need to do is install Chatroulette on your iPhone and you are in for a real treat.