This page contains all of the information about Chatrandom. ChatRandom was created by me, David, a very lucky guy who has created a “farming game” that I wish I could play as well. ChatRandom is a multiplayer game that uses your GPS to do all of the work.

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Here’s what’s in the grass! Here’s what’s under the sand! Here’s what’s behind those rocks! You can catch, stop, sell, and trade your friends fish in ChatRandom and take on other players to compete for a spot in the Leaderboards! Here’s how to find a person’s location by GPS with ChatRandom! Read this article if you want to learn more about it.

Here’s a map of the major cities in North America, for the purposes of being able to find someone in good coverage without having to download a map app. This software works great, because it was created by someone who lives in Chicago, so everything just makes sense! Here’s a great guide about ChatRandom if you’re looking for an overview of what the game is like and how to play it. You can find a review on the game on my website, but you need to know that I wrote it for myself, and I am not affiliated with the developers or anything. Another site that I have found helpful is the “JailBreaks” website, which shows you step-by-step how to play ChatRandom. It is a great site to see first hand what the game is really about, because I am an avid fan of the game myself.