While the Anon chat app is a wonderful tool for those with privacy concerns, most users tend to find it too limiting. This is due to the fact that they do not have the freedom to speak freely, or the freedom to be able to change their modes of communication as they desire. Because of this fact, those who prefer to stay in private still have to find a way to have the same level of anonymity that is available in an Anon chat app.

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Thankfully, there are still some features that are available in the anonymous chat app that can be used to provide the level of privacy that we need. To start with, all communications that are sent to and from an unknown account are encrypted, meaning that it cannot be read by anyone who has the key, or the password. This encryption is done at the operating system level so that no one can see the content of what you are doing on the computer, and in turn, you can feel safe.

Another feature that is available in the anonymous chat app is the ability to connect to other users via their nicknames. By using the same password that you use to connect to other users, you will be able to access their account with ease. You will not have to worry about having your activities be identified. It is easy to set up, and can be easily changed later if need be. Therefore, even though the Anon chat app is still considered to be an excellent option for communicating with friends, there are still a few features that can be added to make it more useful.