Russian Women Online

1. Remember that any honest Russian woman will NOT ask you for money. Even if she’s in financial dire straits, she is not going to ask you for any money just as a matter¬† of pride. If she’s truly interested, she won’t ask. If she’s out to simply get money, she’ll have no problem doing so. Proceed with caution.

2. Don’t invite a Russian woman to visit you in your first correspondence with her. She’s a person too, and isn’t going to be ready to leave the comfort of her home for the unknown. Just because there’s an initial interest doesn’t mean she’ll run at the first chance. Remember she needs to know you properly first.

3. On the same note, don’t delay visiting her.The average length of time between initial correspondence and the first visit is about 6 months. Remember that even though she isn’t going to visit you right away, she also hasn’t joined a pen pal club and she is interested in seeing you.

4. Make sure you ask lots of questions of your Russian woman and show that you’re interested in her. It might seem counter intuitive, that you should spend your time impressing her – but everyone wants to feel valued.

5. To increase your chances of success, write to as many women as you’re interested in and don’t just focus on one. Many women are extremely popular. As you continue meeting Russian women, you’ll learn that these tips are going to be of utmost importance.Good luck in your search.