Internet has been a great source of information and a source to pass our time during our boring hours. There are many great things that one can do over the internet in addition to surfing the internet and surfing the social networking sites. Some of the people just pass on their time surfing the social networking sites and not working over the innovative methods of passing their time online and having fun along with it. You don’t believe me but there are lot’s of funniest things to do when you are bored at home. Such as to make voodoo dolls, what to do when your bored drawing  superman costumes or may be doing window shopping at Walmart.

Random Things to Do For Fun Over Internet

There has been quite many ways to have fun over the internet. Some of the innovative ways to it is given here:

  • Learn the scale of the Universe – Visit the site netand it will make you feel how small you are. Yes, the whole world and our planet looks quite tiny compared to the whole Milky Way is. Just things to do when bored move over the mouse pointer and scroll upon to see it.

measure scale of universe

  • Listen to your Birthday Song – Are you willing to know which of the song was on number 1 on the day of your birth? Go to the site, enter your fun things to do at home full birthday information in the dialogue box gien and get the top song on the day you were born.
  • Create Cartoon photo for yourself – Wants to make funny faces out of your pics just go to and upload your pic and see various effects being available to take in your photo.

create cartoonize photo

  • Create funny mixes – Wants to make amazing mixes of music you love? Incredibox is one you need. There are some hipster man on the site and some of the items present there. By putting the items on various men provided you can create stuff to do when your bored various melodies out of that. You can even share this musical track on various social networking sites or can even save it in your local hard drive.

create funny mixes music

  • Watch looped videos – It will be quite obvious that you all will know about the vine. You can visit the site for some really cool amazing stuff of videos and clips, explore them being shared what to do when your bored with a friend upon by people from various countries. Browse videos by various categories and top vines.

watch looped videos

  • Draw a stickman – Do you remember when you drew a stickmen on your school notebooks? it can be experienced again by draw stickman. Here you can draw a stickman with your mouse.

draw stickman

  • Make a wish – is a site of making dreams come true. Just watch the sky here, click on any of the stars and make a wish. The star being clicked will fall and will make your wish come true!

make a wish

  • Listen to the rain – This is the best option for rain lovers. Just visit the website rainymood and listen the sound made by rain in real. The kind of sound you will hear will make you feel real rain around you.

listen sound of rain

  • Chat with a clever bot – If you fond of chatting to someone all the time then this is a good tool for you. Try a new way of communication by talking to a humanoid bot by moving to cleverbot. Just ask a question to the bot and it will reply immediately. If you don’t have a question to ask just click on Think for me and the bot will provide you a question being chosen by the system.

chat with clever bot

Thus we can say there are many new ways to have fun online. It depends over us what we ought to select to spend our spare time on the internet with different online features.

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