Lots of free dating service providers like Plenty Of Fish (POF) make it clear that users should chat with others that they meet on their free dating site. There is no reason to choose to chat with strangers online, however. It’s easy to avoid meeting new people without ever having to talk to them on the phone.

That said, you can find lots of people online without ever chatting with them. Here are five ways to do it.

One: Just sign up for a free chat site. Lots of free dating service providers like POF let you chat with other users. By all means do this if you want to continue meeting new people. But if you do want to chat with strangers online, join a free chat site first.

Two: Contact other people on your free chat site. Remember that as long as you are chatting with them, they are on the same site as you. That means that they may not have sent you any messages or message tags.

Three: Write them a quick note. If you see another user you want to chat with, just send them a message. In most cases, the POF chat site will send you a message to the person’s e-mail address.

Four: Visit some other different sites. The POF chat site will show you chat history, but it’s not always easy to get past the various free chat sites that don’t let you chat with other people.

That’s why it’s important to check the chat history of a particular chat site. If the site is only showing you chat with other users on your account, try visiting other sites that are similar to the one you use.

Five: Find a forum or discussion group. This can be an excellent way to meet other users.

Don’t just post a message in the free chat site, though. If you do, then you aren’t doing much to try to find other users who are on the same site as you.

Pod Chat is a service that lets you do this. Instead of sending you plain text messages, the POD chat site lets you chat with other users in real time. It also lets you search for chat partners based on their chat history.

Pod Chat is a completely free chat site. You don’t have to sign up for anything to join and there is no need to buy POD credit. If you choose to pay for POD credits, you get instant credit that you can use at any time.

While pod chat is an extremely effective way to meet new people, it’s also very simple. But don’t let that fool you – you will still have to interact with people to establish yourself as an attractive person.

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