Finding girls on internet isn’t that tough it’s just perfect guide you need to know to find perfect match for your date. Don’t worry today you will going to see working step by step guide to find hot girls online. Online girlfriend chat is very easy and fast to find any girl fall on you. First and foremost point is that you can only chat with each other if you  have both “liked” each other. This makes the conversation lively different to other online dating sites. Therefore you need take move differently to get the best results. Follow below guide precisely to find girls online.


In order to start further you should know that we going to use Facebook for digging hot girls online. you are going to learn method to find potential girl matches with the help of your location, mutual friends, page likes, common interests etc.

Step 1 :- Your Facebook Profile ( Online Girlfriend Chat )

It is important to setup your profile correctly to find perfect match, otherwise you will find difficult to find girls online for chatting. Therefore you should keep smart photos and bio as attractive as possible. There is no doubt that your profile pictures are your dignity so keep some handsome pictures around and it’s not important to show more attitude in your photos you just have to look presentable with positive attitude and being yourself.


Step 2 :-  Your Bio

It’s not really important but still you should have bio, but keep it fairly short and simple. Well it’s chance to express yourself therefore try to include important things about yourself but don’t be bluster.

Step 3 :- Likes (Interests)

The pages you like will be shown up in your profile, in addition it will be helpful in finding girls those have more of connection with you. It’s not about pretending to be something that you are not. You need to real as much as possible however I would suggest to like some Bands or Tv shows that you actually like since girls do like them too.

Step 4 :- Finding Matches

Well as i told before here we are going to use Facebook. Trust me it’s really simple you just have to hit simple search with some exact parameters that i am giving you.

=> Login to your Facebook profile => You will see search bar at top left corner just use below parameters in that search box and find hot girls in your local place or around the world in seconds.



Women Who live in [Location]

Women who live in [Location] and who like [Times Square NYC or anything like any Tv shows etc.]

Women who like Hip hop dancing

Women who like Travelling

Women who like Eminem

* Women who like Beach

There is long list which you will find confusing So i find simple way which you can do yourself with precise search filter option just look at right side of the search result you will find filter option with so many parameters where you can filter your result search as per your needs.


I believe you got my point as you can see there are number of options to filter your search where your likes , interests as well as your location will help you to find hot girls in your town with single click isn’t that awesome.

Next Step is Important….

Spotting a Fake Profile

Are there fake profiles on Facebook?

Yes of course they are everywhere not only on Facebook but also on famous online dating or online chatting website where strangers meet each other to spend some time together. But the point is how to spot fake profile in early to save your time. As much I know there are two types of Fake profiles.

1. The first are “bots”- these are automated messages which worked with help of some scripts So if what they’re saying doesn’t really make sense based on the last message that you sent, it could be a bot.”

2. The second type of fake profile is a real person pretending to be somebody else by using fake pictures / names. This is generally a lot more misleading and hard to spot.”

If her photos are all modelling shots and she seems really eager for you to text her or talk to you on another site, then something’s probably not right.” ” A beautiful girl will have plenty of options and won’t really push that hard to meet anyone. You’ll have to work a little bit.”

We all know about dangers of chatting to strangers online but if you really unsure about any girl then tryout Skype or get her phone number before meeting in person.

After finding your girl It’s important to build a connection too – so that she feels like you’re an actual person and not just somebody trying to get with her.”

Spark her interest first, and then make a connection.”

Questions from Visitors

Q. How long should I wait to reply to her messages?

Try not to think about it too much. If you’re having a conversation and you’re replying back and forth you should be busy actually living your life too. Don’t reply instantly every time as it’s going to look like you have nothing better to do. But don’t make it look like you’re taking ages to reply on purpose to make it look like you’re busy. Live your life as normal and don’t be checking your phone all day. There will be times when you can reply quickly, and times when it will take you a while to reply. It should be natural.

Q. How long should my messages be?

Try not to write longer messages than she writes. At the start you might have to write a bit more than she does – to get her talking. That’s fine, but after a while when she starts talking more, back up a little bit. Be sensible about it. If she’s sending 1 or 2 lines and you’re sending back 6 or 7, then it’s too much.

Q. What if she doesn’t reply?

Then she’s not interested. Sorry but it’s mostly true. An easy way to think about it – would she be ignoring messages from Brad Pitt? If you don’t hold enough value in her eyes then she won’t think twice about ignoring you. Attractive girls have options. On Tinder that fact is staring them in the face even more so. You may send what you think is the perfect opener to a girl just to have her not respond back at all. Sometimes she won’t even give you the chance to show that you’re an attractive guy, you won’t even be able to display your value. Also, remember some girls swipe right by accident, some girls swipe right for everyone (most likely to get an ego boost), just get over it. Tinder is very much a numbers game and turning round a girl who isn’t interested is very hard (if not impossible) over text.

I hope you will get at most from this guide and you will surely find way for Online Girlfriend Chat.