Most of the girls are looking for relationships, others are just looking to spend some time online with chating to know each other. Well girls will never going to commit that she wants relationship therefore it’s hard to judge them!

It’s totally numbers game, some want you others won’t.

Online Dating Tips


If you want to date any girl or make relationship with her, then it’s important to modify your profile accordingly. Here is quick guide on online dating tips for men to make relationships online with their desire girl. You need Foundations first therefore I would recommend to read below guide also.

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Sorry……Looks are important

If you are going after any girl online then it’s more important then anything else. since you are dating girl online it’s quite important to consider your looks first. Make sure you have good pictures in profile to show your personality. It’s totally depend on your profile how pretty girl who will get.

Getting Conversation

Open the conversation with anything simple. It doesn’t have to be complex – if she’s looking for dating then she’s not looking for too much wit or intelligence. Make some light small talk about what you’re doing / what she’s doing and then get her personal skype or facebook.”

Texting and Dating Up

When you start texting her, make your interest clear. Tell her that you think she looks cute and if she doesn’t say that you’re cute too then tell her that she’s supposed to. Aren’t you supposed to tell me that I’m cute too?  You’re not saying it to make yourself feel good. You don’t care. But by making her say it, she’s acknowledging to herself that she thinks your cute. She’s confirming it to herself (and coming to the conclusion that she likes you). Be playful. In the same message that you tell her she’s cute, ask her for a favor. It can be anything casual really – a simple one is to ask her to recommend you a bar in town.

This gains compliance from her. If she does this favor, then she becomes much more likely to do you favors and “agree” with you in the future (so much more likely to agree to a take interest in you). Once she’s replied, then tell her that she should give her personal place to talk more about each other. There is lot more tips to come just hang on and visit us regularly to keep your dating skills up-to date.

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