Omegle is random chat service which allows the users to connect with any random person on globe for whatever time he wishes to. But it sometimes becomes frustrating for a user to only see guys on the screen when he has come for a sole reason to chat with girls. This articles provides some very interesting and easy methods to get an omegle without bots to user what he really has come for on chat, and that is, to chat with girls. So let’s get started with some tips to getting you Omegle girls on chat.

1. Get your Target Straight.


The very obvious first thing you would want to do is decide the type of girl you want to have a chat with since there are many different kind of girls out there who may not be suiting your taste on Omegle talk to strangers. So, in order to face frustration later, decide upon the type of girl now.

2. Chuck Out the Weeds.


Now that you have decided what type of girls you want to chat with on Omegle, the next thing you would do is to detect the weeds, which means those people who directly ask for ‘ASL’ i.e Age, Sex and Location, and you keep on thinking for the best possible answer which would impress them, and probably you again land in disappointment. So, never indulge your time with such users who ask for ASL and just avoid such people.

3. Make it as Simple as Possible.

Don’t be under an impression that you will never find a girl on Omegle who is nice. Being simple in your first text, will make it very straight and uncomplicated to people, and they will reply to you with equal simplicity. So just make use of simple words like ‘hi’,’hey’ or you can even use smileys like ‘:)’,’:D’.


4. Check Out for Omegle Girls Now.

As you know that girls find using smilies very cute to chat and reply with, now you have to look for such people who use smilies right after your first message. This is the best tip to find omegle without bots as it doesn’t need any smart intelligence or something. Just a smiley it needs.


5.  Just Ease into Asking her Name.

Now that you have realized the possibility that the person on the other side is a omegle without bots, don’t directly ask the person’s age, sex and location (as ASL). Just write simply asking her name so that it doesn’t make that person feel weird and monotonous.


6. Ask her What She is Upto.


Now that you are almost certain that the other person is a girl, ease your chat a little further and ask her how her day was, what she is doing and start a casual chat.

And now its all upto you how you take the conversation ahead and ask her out, ask her number, facebook id, or something else by which you are sure of remaining in contact with her even after Omegle session expires.

So be smart, and follow these utterly simple tips to chat with girls on Omegle and perhaps not waste your time getting frustrated.

What’s so special about Omegle without Bots ?

Once Anne Morrow Lindebergh said, “Good communication is stimulating just as black coffee, and also just as hard to have a sleep after.” And trust us; losing sleep over such fantastic conversations is totally worth it. Omegle brings to you such intoxicating, memorable, enchanting and enticing chat sessions with complete strangers. This makes the Omegle experience worthwhile and special.

How many times does it happen that we go and talk to complete stranger on a busy lane or while shopping at the super market? People consider this as awkward and absurd. Omegle gives you the chance to be the awkward and absurd and to live the awkward and absurd. With Omegle you can live our long- lived wild dream of talking with a complete stranger. Chat with a stranger just the way you chat with your old buddies or indulge in a video chat with any random stranger. After sometime when you back, you will have a reason to flaunt an ear to ear smile remembering your strange but, pleasing encounters.

Omegle is not just an online chat site but, a chance for the people to experience something different, crazy and wild. Who knows, if talking to someone random gives a new direction to your life and add a new special and close friend to your circuit. There are chances that you might end up feeling romantically inclined towards the person and develop a genuine and true relationship.  Omegle is your chance to break the monotony of life and to jump into something really exciting and heady. It is all about breaking the old school rules and trying something new.

Omegle is a safe option to be weird. What we mean to say is that Omegle is a safely guarded online chat website. You need not to worry about security and safety of the content that you share on this website. This online chat website makes sure that there is no explicit or vulgar content on the site. The chats and videos are closely monitored to avoid any bad situation which makes Omegle a secure website for the women. Also, every person has an option to leave the chat whenever he or she is not comfortable. Omegle offers many such unmatched services to the users to make their experience count.

Omegle is the best way to break the monotony of the regular life and experience something wild.