Chat is one of the biggest parts of any Internet users daily routine, is a fairly simple thing. It falls almost always into one of two setups. Either you are in a Chat room with others, or you have a list of contacts to chat individually with. A site out there called Omegle is now changing that up by offering simple-to-use “Anonymous” omegle chat with strangers. You simple enter the chat and it pairs you up with a random person from around the world. Your chat is seen as being from “YOU” and the other persons chat is from “STRANGER.”

Omegle Chat with Strangers

What is Omegle? It’s a chat room that pairs you randomly with someone else. Both chatters are anonymous, identified only by the handle “Stranger.” You can chat about anything you like. You can share data or talk about the weather it is the best way to omegle chat with strangers  You can make a new friend or frustrate a stranger until he or she chooses to disconnect from the conversation. It’s pretty much a free-for-all.

Either party can disconnect from the conversation at any point. If the conversation isn’t going anywhere or the other chatter goes idle, you can skip out and try again. You may end up chatting with a curious Web celebrity. It might even be yours truly, so be nice.

Features of omegle India are exactly similar to main website. It is not necessary that he/she should not from India, door of omegle India is opened for everyone. Chatting session is completely free and anonymous. You can chat without any registration and downloads.

Omegle Chat with Strangers Features:

  • Random text and video chat.
  • No sign up and download needed.
  • 100% free video and text chat service.

Why is not safe for kids ?

In case you’ve read this far and are still not quite convinced that Omegle is a bad idea, here are a few facts about privacy and how the Omegle service works:

1. The Omegle homepage clearly states that the service is not for those under 13: “Do not use Omegle if you are under 13. If you are under 18, use it only with a parent/guardian’s permission.”  I’m guessing that not too many 16 year olds are asking mom or dad for the okay.

2. You can connect Omegle to your Facebook account to find chat partners with similar interests.  When choosing this feature, an Omegle Facebook app will receive your Facebook “likes” and try to match you with a stranger with similar likes.  This action connects your Omegle use to Facebook, and Facebook friends could potentially see Omegle activity on your profile. (Although you can change that setting – highlighted below – to “Me Only” so that your Omegle activity is not shared).



3. The Omegle privacy policy clearly states that the following information is saved on their servers for 120 days: “the time your chat began, your IP address, a randomly-generated ID tag assigned to your computer, your chat partner’s IP address, and your chat partner’s randomly-generated ID tag.”  While this data is used for law enforcement and to try to track and prevent spammers, note that you are willingly providing this information when using Omegle.

4. There are two video chat modes, monitored and unmonitored. Using video chat requires that your computer’s IP address is made available to the stranger’s computer:  “Omegle video chat requires a direct connection to be made between your computer and the other user’s computer…”

This is the warning received when initiating an unmonitored video chat:


5. At the end of an Omegle chat, users have the option to save the chat’s log and share the link. Therefore your conversation is not really private, and the contents of the chat including any personal information you might share can be sent to anyone without your knowledge.



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