Every single person knows that the best way to win the heart of a girl is by making her laugh. If you want to impress a girl, make her laugh and she will adore you for that. Also, if a guy is already in a relationship with a girl, he should not forget to make her laugh as it also strengthens the already flourished bond between two people.

Guys must swear on making their lady love laugh. Humour is the way that takes you directly to her heart but, the path is not that easy. Making a girl split into a laughter riot is a hard nut to crack. Many times it messes up the situation in place of lighting it up. There are several things to keep in mind before you give any attempt to make her laugh.

Several girls are sport enough to break into laughter even on a bad joke while, it is very hard to tickle the funny bones of many girls. Several times a girl understands a joke and reacts positively while, sometimes a girl take the joke otherwise and this can give any guy a seriously tough times. So, now you know that making a girl laugh is not a cakewalk but, you need not to worry if we are always present to guide you.

How To Make A Girl Laugh

If you want to impress the girl from your college or office or want to make your already committed relationship, a little more fun, take a cue from the ideas that we have mentioned in this article.

This piece of information is all about how to make her laugh. How to be witty and maintain the line all at the same time? What are the dos and don’ts if you want to make a girl laugh?

This article is the answer to all your questions. Keep reading to know how to make her laugh.

  • The Funny Material

The most basic thing that we can tell you here is to send her some funny material over text or email. Well, this sure is the basic thing to know but, many guys tend to screw thing up here to. So, it is important to know what to send her. It requires some basic learning. The first thing to learn is the humour taste of your girl. If she is fun, she will respond positively on everything but, is she is not; it might give you a tough time in making her laugh. So, before sending her anything, get the knowledge of her taste.

You can send her some funny jokes to make her split in laugher. You can also make joke on yourself and send her. You can count on some funny pictures and videos that can bring a smile to her face. Look for the videos and pictures of people or animals doing something funny and send her.

You can also share some funny incident that happened to you or someone else to make her laugh. If you are sport enough, poke fun on yourself. This will also make you come across as a positive person in the eyes of the girl you love.

Send her some funny photos of yourself like some overtly funny childhood or teenage photos. Or your current snaps like the picture where you photo- bombed or someone else photo- bombing your snap and you are making seriously funny face.

  • Tease Her

Teasing her will always bring a smile on her face. Light teasing is the best way to make any girl laugh. Tease her about her voice, her choice, her dress sense, her taste for music or anything. Just don’t go overboard with it. Your intention is to make her laugh, not upset her for life.

  • Fun Activities

If you are already at a great space in your relationship with a girl and you just want to make things even better. You can count on fun activities that can also strengthen your bond. Activities that can make you laugh are the best ways to come closer to your partner. Take a bike ride or a motorcycle ride together or book tickets of a really comic movie. You can also go to a water park or a theme park and take giant rides and have a fun time together.


  • Try to Win the Situation

If you master this tact, this can make you a real her in her eyes. Try to bring humour in every situation. If you are in the same office and if your boss is giving her a tough time, you can crack a situational joke, take a jibe at yourself or any other person (only a light one) to make her laugh. Situational jokes coming right from your humour factory are the best way to impress her and make her laugh.

Well, there are several things that you need to know before you attempt any of the above mentioned tips. Here are some dos and don’ts of making her laugh:

The Dos

  • Always stay positive. Positivity is important for having a healthy sense of humour. If you are positive, you can lighten any negative situation with your attitude and humour and this is the key to unlock the heart of any girl.
  • Be natural in the way you bring humour to the conversation. Be confident when you do so.
  • You can put your body language to use. Use your expressions, movements, tones and body positioning to make her laugh. You can try this only if the girl is already very close to you otherwise you will end up looking stupid.


The Don’ts

  • Do not force jokes in every situation. Put your humour only in the situations where it comes across as substantial. Don’t b a forced funny guy.
  • Say no to bitter sarcasm. This might tarnish your image or the relationship you already have. Do not make fun of beliefs, religion, et al. Avoid being sexist. Never make a joke on her size, colour, background, etc.