There have been numerous sites being available online where you can pass your time like you can do over the omegle. Every site or an application has having its own functionality and advantages which can be used upon as per the liking of the user surfing the internet. Many users likes to chat anonymously chat with strangers, while some are being fond of online gaming experience, while some are also quite fond of learning different things online.

kill free time online

Different things for fun online

  1. Sites similar to Omegle – Some of the great sites being almost similar to Omegle includes Chatroulette, tohla, etc. These sites being allowing users to text and video chat with the strangers. Being almost similar in UI and just differing in terms of registration process, they are actually an awesome platform to hook up online with various strangers.
  2. Chat messenger – In addition to these web applications there has been great chat messenger application available, where one needs to install the application and can register themselves over the messenger. Some of the popular chat messenger services includes, Nimbuzz messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Miranda IM, Pandion, etc all these chat services allows to add new friends online by finding and hooking up with them with an online chat service in terms of bots i.e. Meet a stranger, Lucky Player, etc. Even chat rooms are getting much popular over this chat messaging services. People from various places around the world come together in chat rooms and makes new friends here.
  3. Play online streaming games – There have been many online streaming games available too, where the player can select any of the available lists of games and play them directly over the web without downloading them. Being playing online one doesn’t need to download and install the game in one’s laptop or desktop PC. Nowadays many games in mobiles and tablets too are being available same as laptop to play online e.g. Age of Spartans, Age of Empires, etc
  4. Learn to detect body language and lies at Blifaloo – It is very difficult to tell whether any person is lying or not. But you are not quite far away to know from their body language about how much a person is lying. Learn to sense the body language of the individual and guess whether he/she is lying or not at Blifaloo.
  5. Get free tech support at Techguy – If you are a tech savvy then this is the right destination for you to get free advices about your computer problems and get them solved online.
  6. Magic tricks – If you are fond of magic then you can learn awesome magic tricks at GoodTricks. Here you will find numerous magic tricks with their way to solve them. Thus we can say it’s an awesome destination for a magician online.
  7. Coursera – One can learn the course of his/her choice online over this website being available by various universities worldwide.
  8. Find a free Wi-Fi hotspot – One of the great sites to find free Wi-Fi hotspot and ultimately free internet online is Wififreespot where they have listed numerous clinics, shopping malls around you where you can find free Wi-Fi hotspots for a free internet. Thus an awesome tool to get free internet.


Thus we can conclude that there is being many ways to have fun online and pass our leisure time. It ultimately depends on us on how we want to spend them on internet.

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