Girls being a big mystery, for most of the individuals it is even a great headache to impress a girl. Many of the guys gets frustrated even knowing what the girl is actually thinking upon. But actually the way they are thinking and acting upon normally lies in how she reacts or behaves on a particular situation. The reaction may be verbal or non-verbal (facial expression).

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Impress Girls Take #1 First meet: Judging expressions

While talking initially we should always try to judge her expressions for various conversations being going on with us. Initial talk should always intend to know her better, never flatter her more than required during initial meet. Be as simple as possible willing to make a good relationship. Never sound like you are trying to take benefit of her. Always make her feel comfortable to talk to you which will help you to know much about her in detail. If she feels comfortable she will be ready to share some of the personal experiences, her personal things which she likes to do and so on.

We can also judge from her likings based on hobbies, food, movies that how actually her behavior is. Girls being more fond of food are mostly more talkative and will make friendship making process more easier, while others will take time to build trust (remember always there are exceptions.). Initially take the initiative to talk but don’t always look like more being talkative, let her also make initiative to talk or choose a topic to talk. A girl if feels she is not being allowed to make a choice will never like to talk to you.

Impress Girls Take #2 Further meetings: Get to know each other

During further meetings girls will also be eager to know you much better, so during further meetings let her take initiatives sometimes asking something which she feels to know about you. Be as honest as possible while answering the questions, because a girl if caught you red handed will never try to trust you in future. So, even if the truth is bitter sometimes truth will be better than getting caught red handed.

Another thing which needs to be considered is that allow her to take decisions (don’t be dominative). They will never like a person who is trying to be dominating over her through his decisions. While going outside together let her choose the place sometimes as that will make her feel her importance too for you. While attending a restaurant try to share whatever you have ordered will make her feel you consider importance of her in your life. Sometimes this is very difficult for many guys to express, and then this is a very simple method to express the same without making her feel bad about it.

Share work and place you are in

Once you have build a mutual understanding between you two, you should probably share too where you are currently and what work you doing, which will enhance upon the trust for her towards you. Make her feel that she is almost always around or near you wherever you go which will make her feel that you care about her feelings.

Thus we can conclude that girls though very difficult to understand can be impressed upon by some simple tricks which is directly related to taking care of her behavior and her emotions.

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