Girls are the most complicated creatures on this Earth. While some make only very little things obvious, with some you never know what they are up to. Girls never speak their heart directly when it comes to the boys they like. But, of course there are certain signs that tell you that if the girl really likes you or not.

  • Her Stance Tell You All

Look if she is facing you directly. If she interested in you, she will face you. If she faces you while having a conversation, it is a signal that she is interested in the conversation and is interested in you. Well, this is a general thing when two people talk but, if you are talking to a woman; it is sign to watch out for.

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

  • If She Tries To Get A Little Closer To You Or Touches You Accidently

Girls are generally quite uncomfortable in touching and getting cosy just like that to a guy. If she touches you or tries to get a little closer to you, it is a hint. It is her way to flirt. Watch out if she tries to touch you while having a conversation or accidently bumps into you or brush your hands or shoulders or punch you during the light funny moments; she might be interested in you.

  • Eyes Never Lie

If you want to know whether a girl likes you, notice the eye contact. If the girl is interested in you, she will stare at you for some seconds and the moment your eyes meet her, she will take the glance down. If she pulls her gaze quickly, she is nervous.

If her pupils dilate, she really likes you.

  • If She Plays With Her Hair

Not many guys know this but, playing with her hair is a way ladies flirt. She might be trying to catch your attention if she is twirling the strands of her hair or just casually running her fingers through her mane. Notice if she always plays with her hair when you are around and if the answer is a “yes”, she is trying to woo you.

  • If She Touches Or Bites Her Lips

Just like playing with hair, if she touches or bites her lips while talking to you, she, hundred percent likes you. It is her way of attracting you and bringing herself to your notice. She is provoking you and that is her flirting style. Girls generally do not do this all the time. If you are special, she will do it for you. Notice her while she talks to you and you will know how special you are to her.

  • If She Hugs You

She always serves you warm hugs, it is her way of making you feel special and indirectly convey her feelings for you.

Hugs are the most affectionate and friendly way of touching and getting closer. If she hugs you randomly, she likes you.

  • If She Laughs At All Your Jokes

No matter how poor your jokes are she is always the first one to laugh out loud. Man! This is a sign that she really- really likes you. She is happy and very comfortable in your presence.

If you want to know if a girl really likes you, crack a poor joke intentionally and watch out for her reaction and all your doubts will be clear.

  • Observe The Reaction Of Her Friends

Well, this is a sure shot way to tell if a girl really likes you. Observe her friends when you tow are together. Watch out for their reactions when you both talk. If you see that her friends are looking at you and then giggling or smiling, their friend is interested in you.

He chances are that she might have told all her friends about the liking that she carries in heart for you and it is quite obvious that her friends tease her while you are together.

Well, if you are a really good friend with any of her friends, you can ask him/ her directly.

  • Look If She Is Nervous Around You

A shy girl is always nervous around the guy he likes unless she is really comfortable in her company. If you know a girl officially and have a doubt if she has an inclination towards you, notice if she is nervous when you are around. If she is nervous and fidgeting, it is a positive sign for you.

  • If She Compliments You

She always likes your shirts. She is always in awe of your hairdos. She loves your deep and intense eyes. She finds your smile the cutest. She thinks you have an athletic body. Man! Do you need any other sign to know if she likes you? She is totally swoon by your charm. She likes you.

  • She Always Wants To Be In Your Company, She Always Wants To Talk To You

She always makes excuses to talk to you in the class or a party or in the office. She always wants to be in your company. She always texts you after class or work; she even text you after spending a considerable amount of time in your company, it means that she likes you and wants to know more about you. She always wants to be in your company.

  • She Is The First One When You Need Any Help

Whenever you need any help, she is the first one to show up; either it is any help with the new project or you just need a pen. She is always the first one to offer you help because she likes you.

Well, if you are still not sure, you can take a test. Ask for any simple help in a group and look if she is the first one to volunteer. If yes, Voila! She likes you.

A woman, never needs to speak directly, she has an altogether different language to commute her mind. You need to understand that. Just watch out for the signed we have mentioned here and you will know if the girl really likes you.