If you are a young charming and single guy or a girl, you might know about Tinder. Tinder, a dating app, is the latest rage among the youngsters who still donn the “single” hat. This app is quite popular among the singles who want to mingle. The popularity of this app is reaching new heights with each passing day.

Earlier, when Tinder was launched, it was used only by the men and women who wanted to indulge in a not- so- serious relationships and were looking for some fun. But, today, even people who seek real relationships turn to Tinder to find love. But, not many succeed. The reason is their communication skills. Yes! Many guys do not consider Tinder a decent platform to start a serious relationship and hence, lose their chance to establish a healthy and real relationship with a girl.

How To Talk To Girls on Tinder

But, today, Tinder is also an apt place to look for a real relationship. There are several decent women who log on to Tinder in search of a real love. If you are looking for real love on Tinder, we tell you the best ways to make your chances strong. The best way to give yourself a good start at Tinder is to talk nicely to women.

If you talk nicely to women on Tinder, you create a win- win situation for you. Here, we decode the ways to woo girls on Tinder. Here is how to talk to girls on Tinder:

Maintain a Good Profile

Before you know how to talk to girls on Tinder, you must give them an interesting first look. Tinder is a dating app and no one will approach you unless you appear charming and interesting to them. To give yourself a good start, maintain a good profile. Upload charming and flattering profile picture. Mention something really interesting and eye- catching about you.

If you have an interesting profile, your task will be half done.

Kick off the Conversation Smoothly

Start with a “hi/ hello”. Do not copy and paste lines. Many guys tend to copy and paste the same line to many girls. This creates a bad first impression. Starting off the conversation with personal stuff is far better than copying and pasting.

If you do not know what to say, check her profile, check if you have any common friend on Facebook, this will act as an ice- breaker and you will get the right note to hit.

Flip through the pictures that she has shared on the profile. You can ask about the picture like, where has she taken the snap, et al.

If you have any common friend, ask her how she knows him/ her?

Checking her profile will open the door for you. And once, the reply comes, you can move further.

One thing to keep in mind is that send another text only when you receive the answer to your first text. If the girl is interested she will reply to your text and if she’s not, it is better to look for another girl.

Send her Message

After getting a reply from her send her a high- quality message. Give her brief information about yourself leaving enough scope for her to ask you further. If you tell her a little information about yourself, your belief or something, she will ask you more about it. If you tell her everything in one go, she will have nothing to ask further.  Give her the chance to ask you questions. This will take the conversation further and will establish a connection between you two.

Keep Messages Short

Many guys just keep on writing and writing and writing once they get a reply. They do not care to listen from the girl, they just write about themselves. This is an absolute no- no.

If you want to establish a healthy conversation, you need to let the girl talk equally. This will keep the interest of the girl too.

If only you keep talking and talking, the girl will get bored. So, it is very necessary to keep a conversation engaging for her.

Keep the messages short and interesting. Ask her questions about her. This will show her that you are very interested to know her. Ask her questions about her life, belief, career, et al.

Be Witty

A good sense of humour is very sexy. All the girls will agree to it.

If you want to impress a girl, make her laugh. Do not crack stupid jokes just to make her laugh, instead find wit in the situation. Crack witty one- liners.

Be a Good Listener

Listen to what the girl is saying. Pay attention to all the little things she says. Girls like the boys who hear to them.

To make a gain some cookie points, you can bring out the little detail that the girl had mentioned earlier during the conversation. This will show her that you were listening to each and every word that she had said during the conversation.

Do not Leave the Conversation Abruptly

If you are busy and online only for some time, let the girl know beforehand. Tell her that soon you will go offline due to some or the other work. Before leaving, tell her that it was great talking to her and you will be back once you are done with all your work.

She will definitely appreciate it and will look forward to talk to you again.

Ask for a Date

Well, this is what you have joined Tinder for. It is a dating app and you must head for a date once you find the girl. Ask her out once you are into each other. If she is not up for a date, do not force her, wait for the time she agrees to out with you.

Once she says yes, arrange for the best date for her. Make her feel special on the date in every possible way. Make it the best date of her life.