How many times does it happen that you enter a party, see a beautiful girl standing at the corner chit chatting with her friends, you get mesmerized by her charm, make all the efforts to talk to her but, of no use, spend the evening stalking her at the party and later, spend all your time thinking about her? This is a common scenario that happens to 80 percent of males.

The story could be entirely different if the guys muster the courage to go to a girl and start the conversation at the parties but, the dream of them talking to their favourite girl at the party seems to be far- fetched for the guys.

How To Talk To Girls At Parties

If you too, belong to the category of the guys who spend their time staring at girls at the parties we have some news to share with you. Here, we bring to you some tips and tricks on “How to talk to girls at parties?”

Read it and be the stud with all the charm and charisma who can woo any girl at parties.

  • Get Noticed Before You Talk

Before just going to a girl or a group of girl out of nowhere, it would be apt if the girl has noticed you at the party. Getting noticed is the first step. This will make her excited to have a conversation to you.

To do this, make eye contact with a girl and give a brief smile and look away. Keep your body language positive. A positive body language gives a strong impression. Use your hands for gestures and stand tall.

In order to get noticed, try to maintain a fun vibe around yourself. This will make all the people notice you. You will come up as an interesting person and the girl will wish to talk to you.

Also, stand near the girl. Remember, not close enough to make her uncomfortable. These things will surely get you noticed and prepare you to strike a conversation.

  • Be Charismatic

Be charming. If you are charming, there is no way a girl can ignore you. Give out a strong impression.

Pay attention to minor details about yourself. Pay attention you your posture, how you talk, how you eat, et al. Be a good listener at the party. Talk positively to everyone. Maintain an eye contact while you talk.

Talk in a light tone; do not shout.

  • Introduce Yourself

After the girl has noticed you, wait for the time she are not talking to anyone. If she is already engaged in a conversation with someone or seems to have great time with her friends, wait for the right time to approach her. Do not interrupt her. Once she is with no one, approach her and say “Hello” and introduce yourself. Start by giving her a compliment and make sure you stay away from cheesy lines. Talk about the event you are present at and the atmosphere there.

Wait for the girl to introduce herself to you and compliment her on her name.

  • Give a Good Start

Talk further only if you get positive signs from the girl. If she does not seem interested to talk to you, have patience and say goodbye. If you still stay there to talk, you might come up as a desperate guy throwing himself at a girl and of course you would not like people to tag you desperate and pushy.

If you get the receptive signals, start with light topics. Do not just keep on talking and talking. Give her time to get comfortable with you. Start by saying something funny to engage her. Talking about the host and how both of you know the host is the best conversation starter. Do not just jump in the future tense. Don’t talk about your future plans and career plans and desires, talk about the present.

  • Make the Girl Laugh

If you make the girl laugh, you create a win- win situation for yourself. Girls like the men who can make them laugh. If you make her laugh, she will get comfortable with you and will look forward to spend more time with you at the party.

  • Keep her Intrigued

Once you hit the right cord with the girl, do not let things go down from here. Keep her interested. This is the time you can talk more about each other. Ask her question about herself. There are several questions you can ask to her like about her favourite pet, her favourite TV series and movies, food she likes, hobbies, passions, et al. Keep the things superficial, do not ask deeper questions pertaining to family, relationships, et al.

Keep telling a bit about you. Do not tell everything in one go. Tell her briefly about you and then as her.

Talk about various topics. Do not just stick to one topic.

  • Let her Talk Too

Give her a chance to talk too. Do not dominate the conversation. Do not just keep talking about yourself or you will bore her to death. Let her tell you whatever she likes and let her ask you questions.

If you are talking to a group of girls, let everyone talk. Make sure you talk to everyone. Do not feel any single girl feel left out. This will give out a great impression.

  • Know when to Say Goodbye

When you think you have brought things in your favour and now you can talk to the girl forever, say goodbye. If you know when to say goodbye, you make a positive situation for yourself. The girl will wish to talk to you again.

Say a warm goodbye, tell her how nice it was to talk to her and move to another guests and talk to them. She will approach you again before leaving the party.