When you are a young girl, no doubt it is your dream to get a great boyfriend. But do you actually know how to talk to a guy you like? If you feel confused what to say to a guy you want to talk to, suggestions are here for you. Knowing the proper way of talking to the boys makes you different from those who draws boys or from them who are too annoying to get any attention. You just need to follow some simple tricks. Guys usually like every girl, but there are a few girls to whom boys are magnetized. As you may know boys like popular, fun loving, spontaneous girls with good sense of humour. These girls can make guys feel very special that’s why they like to get connected with such girls.

How to Talk to a Guy

Here are the top ten ways to become desirable by men.

  • A Smiley Face

Not a single guy can ignore a beautiful smiley face of a girl, moreover, when it is of a young bright lady. So, make this weakness of the men your strength. The next time when you are going to meet and/or talking to a guy smile more often, even without any particular reason (just to show him you are enjoying his company). Bring the brightness of excitement in your eyes. The main thing is to make your happiness, your interest in the guy, your excitement a little visible to him.


  • Be Elegant Be Graceful

It is not today, but from the far past, women have appreciatedpolite, well-mannered men, while men have cherishedreserved, graceful, elegant women. But be clear, reserved girl does not mean a girl who is introvert, shy or timid. Boys love those girls who have their own style, expression, appearance. Become overloaded with cuteness and sweetness to the guy fall for you.


  • Touch While Talking

A soft and warm touch can do wonder. And to men it is really magical when they feel the soft, warm, tendertouch of the girl they have interest in. it is seen and proved that the boys like to talk to that girls who touch them during the course of conversation. This ‘touch’ means the amour with soft wildness. If you would make soft touches during the conversation by putting your palm on his shoulder or touching the forearms, then you can experience that the guy would become surely inclined to you.


  • Guys Like To Protect

If you go through the course of evolution you can see that the boys always been the hunters and simultaneously the protectors. On the other hand the girls are farmers which mean they are creators. That is why it is his inherent feature that when you would show your dependency on him regarding the protection; he would like to be with you. The guys like to have your hand held by him when you are crossing the roads. It is inherent character of the boys. You never can change it, rather do not ever try to change it. He would like to help you always when you are in trouble. Therefore show and make him known that he can protect you.


  • Do Not Use Filthy Language

Girls who use filthy language during talking cannot become a good friend of the boys. You can say that the boys also prefer the wild cats that use to talk filthy, but you cannot expect warm welcome from the boy whom you are talking for the first time and you are using foul dialect. Try to be soft during the conversation. However, for every young lady, it is important point to be noted to attempt to abstain from utilizing filthy dialect constantly. Furthermore, don’t bitch about different young ladies or talk frightfully about colleagues and bystanders when you’re strolling on a road.


  • You Could Be Mysterious

The boys always find the girls to talk with who are mysterious. It is due to the fact the boys always like to discover something. It is also a fact that the guys cannot accept the mystery in the girls because this character makes the boys annoyed, but they cannot help without falling in love with the mysterious girls. How interesting the fact is. That is why always try to be mysterious and do not disclose all meanings whatever you say and let him to discover the inner meaning himself.


  • Boys Love To Have Mischievous Girlfriends

It is another inherent character of the boys to fall in love with the girls who are mischievous. That does not mean, however, that you have commit mischiefs always. It is another type of being mysterious actually. If you do some pranks with your partner, he would surely love it. You can tease him, incline on his shoulder and he automatically would start thinking that you are in love with you. Actually the boys are like kids. You can do whatever you want. Just keep keen attention to your gesture and see the result. 


  • You Have To Be Simultaneously Polite

It is another point to attract the boys towards you to talk. Be polite always when you are talking to the guy first time. The good nature of the way of talking would attract him and let him starting talking to you.


  • You Should Show Appreciation While Talking

If you do not have any respect to the guy whom you are talking with, then the boy would never like to have conversation with you. The boys always like to hear the appreciation from the girls and it is a punch factor to attract and allure a boy. The boy would become very glad and friendly if he hears some good points from you. He would start thinking positive and it would bring the success.


  • Play Hard To Get

It is the last point of my suggestion that you have to play hard to get if you want to attract him towards you. It is the punch line. It is very easy to know how to talk to a guy but it is not so easy to attract him towards you. That is why you have to play around and make him known that you are the only lady who can treat him most well.