It requires a lot of guts to go and talk to the girl of your dreams. Many guys fantasize about talking to the girl of their dreams but, when they face that girl in real life, they fall short of words, stammer or fumble. Instead of coming out of fabulous words to impress the girl, they mess the situation.

Here, we have some help in hand for the guys who do not know how to talk to a girl they like. If you too, are trying to impress your dream girl, woo her by the simple tips and tricks that we are sharing here and stay away from the “strict no-no’s” that we have mentioned here.

How To Talk To A Girl You Like

If You are Talking to that Girl for the First Time

This is a common scenario where a guy keeps dreaming about the girl he even don’t know officially. When someone introduces the guy to that girl, instead of talking he starts stammering. This creates a very negative impression. To create a positive first impression comes out as a confidant guy on your first official introduction. Be confident, be yourself. Do not present yourself as someone else.

If you are talking to the girl for the first time, play it very safe. Do not rush into things. Start with a subtle introduction. Let her introduce herself. Try to make her comfortable and once she slips into a comfortable space, get a little friendly.

If you start to act over- friendly in the first few minutes, you will make a very negative impression.

Once the girl is comfortable, take things forward. Start by giving her a compliment on her name, dress or her smile. Avoid cheesy lines. Take things forward very smoothly.

If You Officially know Each Other

If you are already neighbours, friends or friends of friends, this might work in your favour. You need not to worry about giving a nice first impression. You can start everything on a very friendly note. Here is how to take the conversation forward:

  • Ask about her

Start by talking in general with her. How is doing, how is her work, how are her studies going, etc. Ask the regular questions and show interest in knowing her. Respond nicely whenever she answers your question. Make her as much comfortable as you can.

  • Tell her a little about yourself

Do not just tell everything about yourself to her. Tell her a little and then let her take interest in you. If she takes interest, she will want to know more about you. Whenever she asks you a question; answer very politely. Also, answer very briefly; do not spill all the details and bore her. Telling her only a little will interest her even more. Keep a smile while you talk to her.

  • Establish a connection

Try to make a connection yourself. Like for instance, if she says she likes music, you too show your interest in music. Start discussing your favourite musicians or if she says she likes cooking, tell her how fond of food you are. Try to find out your common interests and start discussing them with her. This way, you will be able to establish a connection between yourself. This will also take the conversation further.

  • Appreciate her company

This is quite important. The girl will love the fact that you love her company.  Tell her that you are glad that you met her there and it is really fun to talk to her. Tell her how bored you getting there and how nice it is to see her there. This is an indirect to compliment her company and it will not give out the impression that you are hitting her.

  • Talk more about her and lee about yourself

If you are interested in her, it is your chance to know her nicely. Use this as an opportunity to know her more. Ask about her interests, hobbies, passion, job, etc. Do not just keep telling stuff and stories about yourself. Make her feel that she is important to you and you want to know her closely.

  • Shift the topic once in a while

When you talk about yourselves, keep bringing other stuff in between. Like if you are talking about her job and once she finishes, mention about the place or event you are at. Tell her how nice the event or the place is. This will give the conversation a break and you will now come across as a guy who is very desperate to about the girl.

  • Compliment her

Compliment her once a while but, be very careful when you do that. After making her comfortable, if you continue to discuss all the regular stuff, the girl will consider you only a friend and of course, you do not want to get friend- zoned by the girl you like. You like her and you should make her sense it but, in a very nice way.

It would be great to start complimenting with the general things that you are already discussing. Like while you discuss music, tell her that she has an amazing taste in music. Then gradually take the compliments further. Tell her that her smile is very beautiful or you actually like her footwear or any particular accessory.

Do not shoot many compliments in a go. Be subtle while you compliment her.

Complimenting her will give her a slight hint that you might be interested in her and she might reciprocate.

  • Charm her

While you talk to her, look straight into her eyes. Keep a smile on your face. Indulge into her completely. Make her feel that your eyes are set only on her. Make her feel special.

The Do’s

  • Be gentle and kind while you talk to her.
  • Maintain a soft tone.
  • Small gestures like pulling chair for her, serving on her plate, etc make a great impression.

Strict No-No’s

  • Over- flooding the girl with compliments
  • Being very- very excited
  • Shouting or laughing out too loud
  • Staring at her in a way that makes her uncomfortable
  • Dominating the conversation