So, there is a girl in your class to whom you have always wanted to chat or you just spotted a beautiful girl in an event couldn’t take your eyes off her or you have always been really bad at talking with girls but, always wanted to be a charmer who can get any girl to talk to him; you must go through this little piece of information that might prove to be a life changer for you.

If you want to start a conversation with a girl but, have no single clue how to do it, here is your chance to make things work for you. Here is how you can start a conversation with a girl.

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl

  • Introduce yourself Confidently

Be confident or else you will ruin everything. Tell yourself that you are just going to start a casual conversation with a girl just like you do with your friends so, there is absolutely no need to fret about. Just walk up to her confidently and introduce yourself.

Keep a smile on your face and say a “Hi” to her. Tell your name to her and ask her name. A simple “hello” is far better than any cheesy pick- up line. Being straight forward here is the best way to start.

  • The Next Question

After the introduction is over, the best next question is to know her how she’s doing. This is like the first step to take the conversation further from there. Ask her how is she or what’s up with her or how was her day. This is the way you can engage her in a conversation with you.

  • Bring your Class or Work to Use

If she is in your class or works with you, you can use it as a conversation starter. This also gives you many opportunities to try talking to her.

You can ask any question relevant to the common class you go to; like is she really having a good time at the class or something about the project or home work or anything about to professor. There are so many questions that can get you in conversation with her.

Likewise, if she is your colleague, you have ample of chances to start a conversation with the girl. Talk about the latest project that is allotted to her or is she enjoying the project and her work.

These are the safest ways to start a conversation with the girl you like.

  • Weather is Pleasant

This is also an amazing point to start a conversation with a girl you like, even if she is not in your office or class. You can start a conversation with any girl on this base. “It is sunny/rainy/windy/cold today.” is all you need to mention. When she responds, you can take things forward.

You can start with a question like, “I think it’s going to rain today, don’t you?” or “What a nice sunny day, isn’t it?” You are sure to get a response for your questions and you can start a conversation from here.

  • When you are at an Event Together

If you saw her at an event and want to talk to her, the best way to approach her is to bring the event in your stride. Start your conversation with how nice the event is. You can say, “Wow! How nice this event is! By the way, I am……., you are?”  And when she responds, you can talk more about the event and then the other stuff.

  • The Upcoming Events

Any upcoming event like a presentation, examination, music festival or art festival can get you into a conversation with the girl. Mention the event and you are already in a conversation. Like, if you both are giving the same exam, you can ask her about the preparations or if there is a music event coming, you can ask her if she has booked the tickets to the event. You can also ask her if she likes to accompany you to the event as you have extra tickets. If you think that things will go wrong and uncomfortable for her by asking her to accompany you, you can say, “Hey, come along with your friends for the event with me and my friends, we will have a lot of fun.” She will definitely be comfortable to accompany you with her friends. This will not start a conversation but, also give you a chance to be friend with her.

  • A Shared Experience can Get you in Conversation with Her

If you shared an experience with her, you can start the conversation with her on that account. This could be the best thing to bring up when wanting to talk to the girl you like.

Like, if you went on the same party that she went on the weekend, you can bring that up; like how nice or boring that party was.  Or, if you volunteered for the same cause, talk about it. This is a great way to get into the conversation with the girl. A shared experience always gives you some cookie points.

  • Shared Interests also Work

If you know anything common about you and her, use that as a conversation starter. Like, if you know that her favourite musician or actor is also your favourite musician or actor, you can start your conversation based on it. You can talk about the latest concert, album or movie. Start you conversation with your common favourite TV series, if any. There are several other things that you can derive a conversation from.

  • A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

You could not thank your mutual friend enough for this favour. Breaking the ice with talking about the mutual friend is the best possible idea. If she and you have a mutual friend, you can start the conversation by asking how she knows that friend.

Having a common friend will automatically connect her with you. She will be more comfortable knowing that you are already friends with her good friend.