Making a girl feel special is not a hard task as it is believed. Girls are often considered as complex creatures who are hard to impress and make happy but, on the contrary to it girls are not so hard to please given that you are true and sincere to them. All they need is a little time and affection and if you are making her feel special, she will be yours forever.

In this article we have shared some easy tips on how to make a girl feel special. Follow them; win her heart for the rest of your life.

How To Make A Girl Feel Special

  • Complement Your Girl

Complementing her is a sure shot way to make her feel extra special. Who does not like to receive complements? Girls are no exception here. Give here genuine and sincere complements to make her feel special and happy.

Once in a while, you can give her the basic complements about her looks, personality and nature. Complement her about how she looks, about her eyes, her smile, her lips, her hair and many more things. Do not limit your complements to her looks; tell her how beautiful she is inside out and how beautiful and generous her heart is. Complement her cooking skills; tell her how she has made your life a heaven and what not. Complements will her blush and will also make your relationship stronger.

  • Shower her with Affection

Show some unexpected affection on her. When she is busy in her work, walk up to her, put your arms around her, kiss her, cuddle her, hug her and do not let her go. This will make her feel so special.

Shower your affection in your words. Tell her how important she is to you; how you are going to always be there for her no matter what. Tell her how badly you miss her when you two are away from each other.

When you come home from work, bring her flowers. Text or call her from your office to know how she’s doing. All these little things will make feel very loved and special.

  • PDA (Not exactly Public Display of Affection)

When you are in public, make the world know that how lucky you are to have her. Tell the world that you are proud to be in the special company of your girl. This is the best way to make her feel very- very special.

Introduce her proudly in front of your friends. When you are in a group of friends, hold her hand, plant pecks on her cheek or forehead. Show your affection for her in public. You know where to draw the line.

  • Be Your Romantic Best

Romance is the only thing that keeps a relationship lively and fun and also, this will make your girl feel really special.

Even if you do not believe in the movie style romance, do it for your girl’s sake. Sing for her, send her flowers from work, send her hand- written notes, plan a surprise date for her, cook for her and what not. There are several little things that you can do to bring a smile on her lips.

Plan a romantic home date for her. Make all the arrangements without her getting even the slightest hint. You have to be very cautious here. Decorate the room for her, cook something yourself or order her favourite food, light up her favourite aroma candles, spread her favourite flowers on bed, watch her favourite movie together on the date night or close dance with her on her favourite beats. You can also make a video for her telling what she means to you and watch it on the date night. Prepare for a hot bubble bath with her after the date.


  • Make some Efforts to Mingle with her Family

If you do this, you are the best spouse in the world. A girl would always love if her man is making efforts to get close with her parents and rest of the family. Meet her family once in a while, send gifts to them, help her family when they need you, et al. These things really count.

  • Always be there for Her

If she faces a tough time, make sure that you are by her side no matter what. This is the real time to show how much you care for her. If she facing a tough time at her work, or dealing with a serious illness or have some serious family issue, be by her side. Make her feel that you are always there for her in good or bad. Be her strength. Comfort her and support her.

  • Make time for your Girl

If you are giving her time, you are doing the best for her. She will not ask for more. How much busy you are, give her some time. Make time for her. Talk to her about anything and everything. Ask her how she spent her day? Take her out for a walk.

Remember a relationship stays strong forever if the partners make some quality time for each other every day.

  • Love her Unconditionally

Love her. This is what a relationship is based on.  

Make her feel loved. Reassure her from time to time that she is the most special person to her and your love for her is never going to change whatever the circumstances are.

If she makes a mistake, forgive her.

If she fails at something, be besides her.

If she is angry with you, make up to her.

Let her know that you are not going to let her go, come what may.

  • Keep your Eyes Always on your Girl

If you are out and are accompanied by several other girls, keep your eyes set only on your girl. This will give her a surety and satisfaction that you belong only to her. This will free her from all the insecurities and make her feel very special.

  • Keep Important Dates in Mind

Girls always complain that men never remember important dates be it their birthday or anniversary. Be an exception; remember all the important dates and she will know how special she is for you.