The biggest challenge any guy would consider is to get a girl in conversation but for sure there is another big challenge for the guys to face and the challenge is to keep the conversation running smooth. Many a times while having conversation with a girl the already nervous guys fall short of words. This comes as a bigger embarrassment for the guys and makes the girl a little uncomfortable. But of course if you count on us for this purpose we promise you to never let you down.

We present to you some of the best ways to keep the conversation going very- very smoothly with a girl.

How To Keep a Conversation Going With a Girl

  • Be Polite and Confident

If you are in front of a girl, irrespective of the fact that you are talking or merely standing, being polite and confident is a must. If you are not talking to her, your politeness and confidence will articulate in your body language. So, the first thing to always remember is to be very polite, gentle and confident. Stand tall pay attention to your body language.

If you are already talking to the girl, talk very politely. Gently ooze out every single word from your mouth. Keep a smile on your lips. Maintain your tone. Do not be very- very loud and laugh loudly. Even if you have got a girl in conversation with you and talk in an appropriate manner, the girl would walk away in minutes. So, if you want the conversation go on and on, you will have to pay attention to all these things.

  • Give a Good Start

You cannot just randomly go and get talking about any given stuff with any girl. You need to take things very smoothly to take off the conversation. To strike a conversation, you can either casually go up to her and say a polite “hi” or begin with a generous compliment like smile, or handbag or a dress. Do not give her compliments on her feminine features on the first time itself.

If you already know that girl you can go up to her and begin talking on the common experiences. IF you do not know a girl, you can ask her for a favour to get her in conversation with you. For instance, if you are at a coffee shop, ask her to hold your phone while you collect the coffee from the counter.

If things go well here, you can take the conversation forward.

  • During the Conversation

So, you are finally talking to the girl, now you need to play like a pro. You would obviously like to look great while having a conversation so, pick up the topics that bring out the best in you. Like, for instance, you can talk about your passions and hobbies. Talk her about your favourite band or book or movies. Ask her about her favourite band or book or movie. The conversation will keep flowing. And, if you are lucky enough to share a common passion or hobby with her, there is no stopping then.

Make it a point to let her talk too. If she is talking to you equally, she will get totally engaged in the conversation and hence, you can talk to her for a long time. But, if you talk to her only about yourself, she will get bored and would want to go out of the conversation.

Also, only talk about the subjects that you have knowledge about. Like if you, just to sound good and intelligent, talk about the current political scenario that you have no idea about, you will soon fall short of words and God forbid, if she comes out as a hardcore politics lover, you are totally screwed. So, it is always better to pick the topics, you are aware of.

Talking about the general topics is the always the best option.

  • Light Conversation is Always the Best

Avoid serious questions. Avoid the topics that could make her uncomfortable. Like, do not ask her about her relationship status or any family issue or something. Instead, put your sense of humour to some work. Tell her something that could make her laugh. Making her laugh always works. If she finds you witty, she will spend more time with you. Break witty one- liners, of course not forced ones. A funny joke or incidence will do.

  • Ask her Questions

It is an amazing way to keep the conversation flowing and to know her more closely. Ask her questions. Ask her about her passion, her favourite TV show, et al. You can also ask her for her view on certain things. When she tells you something, show interest in it. Ask her to tell more about it. This is the best way to keep the conversation flowing. Let her know that you are really interested in the conversation.

But, do not ask a question where she can sum up the answer by just a plain “yes” or “no”.

  • Stories

If you want to keep the conversation always flowing, bring up stories and incidences. These will keep her engaged and engrossed and she could talk to you forever.

Tell her funny or interesting incidences of the people you know or yourself.

But, don’t just cook up fake stories that are far from reality in order to keep the conversation going.

  • Keep Focus Only on Her

From beginning to the end, do not even think about shifting your focus from here even for a second. Do not check other girls in front of her or else she could not stand talking to you even for a second. Switch off your mobile phone, look into her eyes and engage yourself in her. She will feel great knowing about the fact that your focus is completely on her.

If you follow these things, you are sure to keep the conversation flowing very smoothly. But, if pause arises, take it gracefully. Do not just struggle to start the conversation. Keep smiling until you find something substantial to say to her. Take a sip or a bit in between. Pauses are natural. They do not mean the end of conversation. So, do not fret and keep the conversation flow.