This article will give you some great tips on how to get out of the friend zone. It can be a bit challenging to have to deal with the friend who always seems to be around the person you’d like to be with. There are many men who have trouble getting out of this negative relationship and can’t seem to make the situation any better.

Be a positive person. Yes, this might sound like common sense but I’ve yet to meet a single guy who truly believes that he has to be the man of the house in order to have the woman he wants. You can win your way into a positive woman’s heart if you use these tips.

Be friendly. It can be awkward at first to be just friends with a girl who is not interested in a romantic relationship. But the truth is, the more time you spend together, the more chances there will be of her being interested in you. Even if she doesn’t pursue you, there will be days where you will really have something in common with her and that will inspire her to want to know more about you.

Be your best self. Being a good friend will never be enough. If you are not confident and self-assured, chances are, she won’t feel the same way about you.

She will always want to find a deeper connection with someone who is confident in his or her own abilities and won’t be afraid to pursue a girl’s friendship. Most men today don’t want to hang out with a guy who is self-absorbed and cold.

Be yourself. You might be surprised to learn that the woman you are with really doesn’t want a ‘better’ you. When it comes to friends, most women want a guy who they can easily talk to. When you start trying to convince her of your goals and your dreams, she’ll lose interest pretty fast.

Always remember to keep your cool and avoid pouting when the girl’s attention is caught by another guy. You don’t want to come across as needy-y. One sure fire way to lose a girl is to act too needy-y.

Be outgoing. It’s not important what you do in your personal life, but what happens to you during the day and your interactions with other people. Being an outgoing guy will always help you out in the long run.

Girls love guys who are honest and always the last one to go home first. Never cheat on your girlfriend, because that will lead to many arguments. You can’t live a life that is constantly full of problems.

Be gentle with yourself. Don’t let your ego get in the way of a great relationship. In fact, women are attracted to masculine men who have a strong self-esteem.

Know that you can control your emotions. Don’t take it out on the people around you. Women often mistake desperate men for insecure men and this can be a big turnoff.

When all is said and done, you can’t help but hope that you can find the woman you want and are in a romantic relationship with her. Being in the friend zone is not going to cut it and you need to start thinking about making the relationship a success.