If you have your dream girl right in front of you but, not paying any amount of attention to you, it is quite heart- breaking especially if you have some genuine and strong feelings for her. In that case, you cannot just sit and day dream about her. You need to get up, gain her attention, get her to like you and then shower her all the love that has been budding inside your heart for a long time.

Getting a girl to like you is not an easy task but, also, it is not impossible. You can get a girl to fall for you by following the easy tips mentioned in this article how to get a girl interested in you. Just pay head to what we say and implement it, and see the girl of your dreams coming straight into your arms.

How To Get A Girl To Like You

Keep reading to get a girl to like you.

  • Confidence is the Key

Be confident. Any girl would like a guy brimming with confidence than a guy who is nervous and fidgeting. Be confident in your moves, your words, your posture and your gait how to get a girl to like you over text. Walk to her or with her confidently, talk to her confidently. Make sure every gesture you do, is loaded with right amount of confidence. The girl will instantly get attracted to you watching your confidence.

  • Monitor your Voice and Tone while you Talk to Her

If you have the chance to talk to the girl, do not waste it. Utilize it to the most in your stride. When you talk to her, spell confidence. Do not be very soft when you talk to her but, also avoid being too strong and stern. Do not just talk in a very high- pitch how to make a woman want you. To ensure that your pitch and notes are perfect, you can try certain exercises before you go on a date or to casually meet that girl. To relax your pitch, breathe via your nose till the count of five and then exhale via your mouth for the count of five. Repeat this exercise 10 times. This will make you more confident about your voice, pitch and tone.

  • What to Talk

You should know what you want the girl to know about you and how to fit that into your conversation immaculately. Like if you are a guitarist in a local band, quite good at cooking or sing skilfully and you want that girl to know it, you should put your talents in your conversation tactfully how to get a girl to notice you. It should appear that the topic has come up very naturally and you are not forcing it to make yourself appear cool. Talk smartly and bring your talents to her notice. Your talents will make you come as a dynamic personality. Make sure she knows how talented you are.

  • Shower her with Attention

IF you like her, you should make her feel special. Shower her with all the attention. Hear to every single word that she utters and remember it always. She will appreciate if she knows that you always remember what she says. And of course, who does not like attention how to make a girl like u. Even if you are in a group, make her feel like she is the only one you see. She will definitely reciprocate your likings.

  • Tease the Girl

Tease her light heartedly about anything like her taste in movies or music. This will make her smile and will get you some cookie points. The playful conversation will create a light mood and will make you come out as a fun loving guy. With a light mood, she will be very relaxed at the conversation and she will develop a liking for you.  

  • Do not Hesitate in Making Fun of Yourself

If you are teasing her and making her laugh, poking fun at self and making her laugh a lot harder is even a great idea. Girls like to laugh and if you can make her laugh by taking a jibe at yourself, you win hands down. There is no way a girl could ignore this quality of yours text messages to make her want you. Tell her some clumsy or goofy story about yourself to begin the laughter riot. This will bring in front of her your positive attitude which would be very hard to ignore.

  • Let her Miss You

Once you are home after meeting her, let her miss you. Do not just come and text her straight away. Give her some time to think about you. You have posted a great picture of yours inside her mind, let his miss you. If she likes you, she will definitely text you back.

  • Text her but, Do not Overdo it

If her text has arrived, it is your turn to text back but, make sure, you do not over do it. Too much texting is a strict no- no if you are trying to get a girl to love you. This could destroy the image that you have built inside the mid of your girl. Do not let that happen.

Give her brief texts. Do not just keep on texting and texting or you will end up looking desperate. Let her chase you. Text her one on one. The frequency of texts on both sides should match but, if the girl text you more that you do, you have won the battle.

  • What to Text

Text her little but, whatever you text her, make it count. If you text her something special, she will wait for your text. Make her feel special over texts. You have everything in your stride, take things forward from here. Compliment her on her smile, looks or anything regarding the conversation you had when you met. Her texts will reflect her mind. You should know what to say and when to say. What to text and what not to text. Write her cute messages. Only remember one thing- “Moderation is the key.”

If you follow all these things, you will definitely get the girl of your dreams to like you.