Many times you have experienced that you meet a girl but cannot approach her to get the phone number of her. On the other hand you are very interested and attracted to her, but you are helpless because you do not have any contact number to communicate your dream girl in future. Therefore it is very essential to have some tricks upon her so that she would happily tell her phone number. Today I am going to give you some important notes on that so that following the points you could be at the positive end to have her phone number in your mobile or contact diary. Let’s start your journey.

How to Get a Girl Number


First of all I have to mention that you should do some tasks to impress her so that she can rely on you to give you her personal number. It is the most essential part to do. Many times it is seen that the boys do their job regarding this matter very fast, but at the end there is no positive result. Therefore you have to keep patience and control on your expression.

You have to take the Matter Easy

There are many people who think that approaching to a girl should be quick so that the opportunity to get the friendship could be got properly. However it is not a wise decision. If you would take the matter very seriously and go quick, then it is quite possible to lose the opportunity. That is why you should take the matter easily and go slowly. Actually you have to give some time to the girl for becoming easy with you. However many times it is also seen that the guy is too shy and the girl starts wondering about him. Therefore you have to be smart at the same time. The best way to get rid of the problem of going so quickly is to control your emotion and calm down. If you would calm down, then automatically you would get the ball in your court.  

Now you can Meet Her

Once you would control your tension and emotion whatever you call it, you are ready to meet the girl. Here you also have to do some special thing. Eye contact accounts huge in this regard. You have to make calm and quiet eye contact to the girl so that she would accept you as trustworthy. However most of us cannot make the eye contact calmly and something comes out from it so that the girls can understand what is going to be happened. That is why you have to do this wisely. During the time of meeting you should not lose your confidence. If you would lack of it, your personality would become also unacceptable. If you would look confident, then the girl also would become brave to trust you and she would start having interest on you. You have to give keen attention to her all the way during meeting. However, this does not mean that you have to be possessive or guardian of the girl. Just make her felt that you are paying attention of all of her emotions. And the most important point is to change the lousy environment friendly to her.

Now you can go Deeply

I am not saying about any vulgar sense. I mean to say that when you have done all the basic things like knowing her name and telling yours; talking about hobbies; you can start talking to her on an intense level. You should not be interested for her past life or experience of childhood. Just make the conversation in a manner so that she could start believing you to share everything. Now you are eager to know what type of the intense talking is. You can ask her about her family, her interest, and so on. However you have to make it properly so that she also could be in the same side. You can tease her once you have good rapport with her to make her happy. Make some fun with her so that the acquaintance could become friendship. Above all you have to compliment her because it is an inherent nature of the girls to be interested to hear some compliments.   

Make her Interested towards You 

Once you’ve moved past the presentations and have enchanted her at first, it’s a great opportunity to motivate her to like you enough to need to spend some more time with her. She doesn’t need to imagine that you’re the man she’s been sitting tight for all her life; she should simply think, “Hello, this person is cool. I can spend time with him and I want to do it more repeatedly.” You must have a question how to do this. Do not worry. I have solution. The first thing is to do some humorous chatting with her. Make her felt that you are teasing her. Make some pure fun so that she can think that you are the only person with whom she can spend quality time. Uncover something somewhat more individual. Try not to get so individual that you make her uncomfortable, yet advise her something that makes her heart soften only a smidgen and see that you’re not only about the jokes, but rather that you truly do have a gentler side. Raise something from prior in the discussion. It is a very common way to make her felt good about you. If she would notice that something from the earliest starting point from the conversation comes up once more, you can inspire her by demonstrating that you remember all that she says.

Where is the Girl?

You have done your primary education on the subject of getting the girl’s phone number, but where the girl is. If you have your dream girl, then do not try to hurt her making embarrassed asking her phone number so quickly. Go with the slow but steady pace and make the environment easy to make her able to uncover her personal information. It is normal that she would not tell you her phone number at the first attempt. Do not lose heart. Try more and get the success.