In my other articles I have shown many points about how to talk to guys, how to find the right person as boyfriend, what should be the criteria to be perfect girlfriend, and so on. Here I am going to present a very special topic for the boys.

Being a man you should know how could be you attractive to a woman. Better to say, you should know what the criteria of an attractive man that a girl wants to find. It is to be noted in this regard that there is everywhere science behind anything and this topic is not out of it.

How to Attract Girls

Many scientists have been working on it to find the right answer depending on the behavioral traits. The women like to accept the boys as either great or bad. There is nothing behind it. The women never like to have average partner in life. And it is the main point and problem of being a right person for a woman.

However, I am trying to make a gist of the characteristics that should be present to be attractive man.  

You Should Enjoy the Present Time Whatever You Have

We all know and have the perception that the women nag always without any reason and they like to be at past. It is not true at all. There are many men who also fall in the category. The women never like to be the partner of the men who cannot enjoy the present and often remain in the past. It is also seen that the men after a long busy and hectic schedule of the whole day, tend to sit in front the television watching news and never try to spend time with the partners. They are found with their smart phones and computers always. They should keep in mind the fact that their partners also need some time to enjoy. You should enjoy the present time whatever you have with your partner to your heart’s content. Be connected with her and share everything. It is the first and foremost point to remember that the women accept the men as most attractive personalities who can enjoy the present leaving behind everything.

Do Not Pretend To Be Strong Man

You can find many men who like to pretend their strong character and they like to be in the ideologies that they learnt from the society. The women never like this type of men who do not want to understand what to do and for which reason they making relation with the women. You should always avoid the perception and follow the reason for what you are meeting a girl in true sense. Actually I want to suggest you to be bold and straightforward.

Girls Like To Find the Ambition in the Attractive Men

If I would say that the girls like to be with the boys who are motivated firmly and driven for a long race, what you would understand! I am not talking about any sports car at all. You are not a car and you should think about it differently. I am trying to say that the women like that kind of personalities who are ambitious and have the ability to reach the zenith. It has been proved many times that ambition is something that is important character to be attractive man.  

Attractiveness Comes Also From Laughter

There are many people who think that making laughter is the job of only crowns, but they do not know that attractiveness could become also from it. It is seen many times that the women become attracted to the men who make them happy by laughter. There are many instances where the men make the ladies allured with laughter sexily. The women always like the guys who have ability to justify the value of laughter.

Honesty Is One of the Main Features

The women always search honesty in the men because the honest and trustworthy men are most attractive to the ladies. Everything becomes unimportant when comes in the comparison with honesty. You could be average looking guy, but you are honest. If it is so, then you would surely have positive impact on the women’s mind.

The Man Should Have the Character of Taking Care  

It is seen that the women like to be with the caring men. Actually the women like to be pampered. This could only be done if you would take good care of your partner. However it does not mean that you have to watch your partner for all the day. It is irritating. This could hamper their freedom, but to some extent you should be caring and you have to take care of her emotion.

The Women Love the Supportive Personality

If you would not support your partner, you could not become the most perfect man for her. You should have the character to support her in all circumstances. However it does not mean that you have to be at the same side in all aspect. If there is any fault, you have to make it perfect. Be such supportive so that your partner cannot ever spend a minute without you.

Other Characters

There are many other characters that make a man attractive to a woman.  Height, skin tone, way of talking, way of going with the fashion, and so many points are to be drafted in this regard.  However, you should remember always not to be over smart. Show and prove yourself whatever you are. Do not pretend to be what you do not.  You should be honest by your heart and goal. You have to have sense what to do to make yourself perfect.  You may become flirty to some extent because sexual attractiveness is also important for a man to be accepted gladly by a woman.

Whatever the suggestions are, you should be what you are, you should do what you can. Do not be lousy with false ideas to impress the woman. Try to read the mind and be the mind killer. The women like to be with them who can mold the mind.

Remember my points and go ahead. The world is yours 🙂