Girls always want to feel special; special in every possible way. So why not ask her out in a very special way? If you are quite nervous to ask your crush if she will be your girlfriend, we have some amazing ideas for you. We have compiled some of the best ways to ask a girl if she will be your girlfriend ways to ask a girl out. For the guys who are really shy or want to keep it simple, or the guys who don’t mind keeping things a little fancy, we have compiled the best ideas for every kind of a guy. Take a look :

  • Keep it Casual

Well, if you are very shy and nervous about asking the girl and do not wish to go overboard, you can just ask her casually. You just need to put the things quite immaculately to ask the girl questions to ask a girl you just met.

If you are already a casual friend with the girl, the things would get quite easy for you. You can ask the question in a casual conversation. Before popping the question, cute ways to ask someone out you just need to make that girl a little comfortable. You can do this by increasing your interaction with the girl. Talk to her briefly whenever you get a chance. Talk about the general topics. Interact with her entire group before popping the question so that she would not feel awkward and get more comfortable with you.

How To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

Also, do consider the timing. Do not just spontaneously ask her thequestion. Even if you want to be very casual about it, you need a little planning and hit the right time cute ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. The most important thing here is, do not ask her the question in front of anyone. She might get embarrassed. Wait for the right time to come. When you catch her alone, walk confidently up to her. Start a casual conversation. Once she is comfortable in the smooth conversation, slip in the question.

If you cannot find her alone anytime; you need to create an opportunity for yourself. Ask her casually to hang out with you. Take her to a park or a theatre or a coffee shop and ask her to be your girlfriend.

When you ask the question, keep the situation stress free and pressure free for her. As you opted for the casual way, you need to keep things casual for her too how to ask someone to be your girlfriend. Do not pressurize to answer your question. If she is comfortable in talking to you, tell her your feelings. Bring in focus, the positive aspects of your current relationship with her and how great it would be if she accepts to be your girlfriend. Show her the sunny side. And, be ready to accept whatever her replay is.

  • Make it a Little Special

You can make things a little special while asking a girl to be your girlfriend by putting a little effort. If you do not want to go for larger than life ways but, still wish to keep things a little special, there are several ways with which you can do it asking a girl out over text. Here, too, we would say that, if the girl is already your friend, things will be great. So, if she is still not your friend, it would be better to befriend her first and then, ask her the question.

If she is already your good friend, you have many ways to bring the question out. You can ask her to accompany you for a walk, an event, coffee shop, plush restaurant or any other place. If you know her favourite hangout spot, you can out her to that place. And ask her the question when you feel the time is right.

If you want to make things even more special, you can invite her home, cook a meal for her, play her favourite music or movie and have a great time before you ask her the question. These things will make her feel very special.

You can also get some small gift for her like chocolates, flowers, soft toys, cookies or other cute goodies.

Express your heart out. Tell her how special she is for you. How madly you want to be with her. But, keep in mind not to make her uncomfortable or pressurize her. Give her, her own happy space and time to decide. Be ready to accept whatever her answer is.

  • Larger Than Life Ideas

If you are totally prepared to go extra miles to ask her to be your girlfriend, we have many amazing ideas for you.

  • Leave her a Secret Note

She will keep pondering up on who her secret admirer is until she will find out that you are the secret admirer that has put a lot of effort in getting her attention. She will be impressed for sure.

To take this path, you would need help of some people. You can send letter, cards or notes to her home or office. You also send her cute gifts like stuffed toys, chocolates, flowers, et al.  But, keep in mind that you need to draw a line. You would not want to appear like a stalker so, send her notes for just 3- 4 times before you confess your feelings in front of her.

  • Propose her on a Highway

You need not to slip a single word from your mouth, taking the highway route will carve a path for you. You would need to make a little effort for this though. You can publish a “Will You Be My Girlfriend” message on the highway billboard. She would be so excited and touched by your gesture that she would never say a “no”.

  • Show your Love on the Big Screen

You need to talk to a local theatre for a little favour. Request them to show your message on the big screen during the interval. Take her to the movie; do not go to take the popcorn during the interval. When she will see the message on the big screen, she will be more than happy, amazed and emotional. Ask her the question in person while handing her a bunch of beautiful red roses.