As you all know many people are just fond of twitter and go over the twitter to follow some of the hot girls being available over it. If you are also being fond of such following then you must have followed many such girls over the twitter. Here I am showing you some of the hot girls over the twitter which you would surely love to follow.

Some of the trending hot girls on twitter are:

Marisa Miller

Marisa Miller twitter account

Twitter id: @marisamille

Followers: 143933

One of the hottest girls over twitter. You will love following her and reading her tweets. Following her is like following Malibu Barbie, except with real and with a brain. She also likes to tweet about her passion for sports as well as surfing.

Alison Brie

Alison Brie twitter account

Twitter id: @alisonbrie

Followers: 4,25,888

Funny girl reminding us about our high school crush. She is having very classy beauty skin to make everyone getting fond of her. She is being always cheering on her co-stars and whatever goes behind the scenes over her shows.

Leighton Meester

meleighton twitter account

Twitter id: @itsmeleighton

Followers: 1,579,897

Most of the tweets by her are just like they are the shout out of her fans, but atleast we can cope or keep up with where we can see her next.

Paulina Gretzky

paulina Gretzky twitter account


Twitter id: @paulinaGretzky

Followers: 229,234

Wayne Gretzky’s daughter has became quite the twitter’s celeb by being herself. She is being model and an aspiring singer, but she is more known by never ending albums of sexy self portraits, and millions of her friends who looks just like her.

Jamie Chung

jamie chung twitter account

Twitter id:@jamiechung1

Followers: 51,930

If you would like to spend your nights in and hang out with girls, then Jamie chung should be on your following list. The cover girl keeps tweeting about her exciting life and about her skiing trip to her budding to other celebrities at events.

Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano twitter account

Twitter id:@Alyssa_Milano

Followers: 2,362,830

If you are a fan of quick update, informative readings and the idea of having a hot mom who is having a sexy portrait of herself, then Alyssa Milano might be your twitter queen.

Jessica Alba

jessicaalba twitter account

Twitter id:@jessicaalba

Followers: 4,995,912

Beware following Jessica will make you feel of your motherly duties. But she is not entirely motherly and the kind of pics she has posted is a kind of proof for that.

Rosa Acosta

RosaAcosta twitter account

Twitter id:@RosaAcosta

Followers: 300,084

If you love into video models with intimidating attitudes then following Rosa won’t really disappoint you. The posting that you will follow by following her will provide you much intimidating attitude video girls that you will never get dis-satisfied by your following.

Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima twitter account

Twitter id:@AdrianaLima

Followers: 890,113

The hottest Victoria’s secret supermodel doesn’t really post most comprehensive twitter verses, occasionally getting glimpse of her behind the scenes of photos is worth to follow.

Christine Teigen

chrissyteigen twitter account

Twitter id:@chrissyteigen

Followers: 197,845

Sports illustrated swimsuit model, who is not only ridiculously gorgeous, but she is also wild funny. In additions to photos of her and food (she likes food), her twitter feed is filled with hilarious irreverent observations.

Thus there have been many hot girls available over the twitter network which can be followed upon to get hottest tweets directly into our news feeds.

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