Get Unbanned from Omegle Immediately with (SINGLE HACK)

Omegle is great way to communicate with strangers online. It helps us to chat with strangers one-on-one by random stranger moreover you doesn’t require any registration or software download to access omegle service. Let me tell you I am mad about Omegle since I loved trolling strangers online having fun with them but last week I noticed that I got ban from Omegle. Actually Omegle banned my IP address which will not let me to access Omegle anymore. It happens all the way from Chatroulette just another site like omegle considering that live video chat service is under observation to take control over spammers and strangers who abuse on Omegle.

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unbanned from omegle

Tips to Stay Unbanned From Omegle

  • Don’t use poor language with strangers online.
  • Don’t Abuse Strangers online.
  • Don’t be abusive on Cam.
  • Follow Omegle Rules.
  • Make fun with people around never try to misuse it.

It’s also correct that their monitoring is not perfect as there are users who ban on omegle without any reason. So when I find myself in position to get back on Omegle, I researched around internet to find ways to unbanned from Omegle then at last I really find something which let me access any website around world even I banned 10 times a day.

You should aware that Omegle has blocked your system IP address to access Omegle So if we can change your IP Address you can easily get unbanned from omegle. Follow below ways to unban yourself from omegle as faster as you want.

#1 Method :- Change System IP Address

a. First of all you have to note down your current ip address to check later on whether it changes or not. Visit below sites and make a note of it.

Or you can easily find IP address from your windows also by taking below steps :

  • Select Windows Button + R
  • Type cmd
  • Hit Enter
  • Type “ipconfig”
  • Note down PPP Adapter (IPv4 Address)

b. You have to disconnect your internet for while and then Connect again. Now Check your Ip Address using above steps.

If your Ip Address has been changed then you can visit Omegle to check your status if it didn’t changed or you may face same problem you can follow below methods!

#2 Method :- Unplug Modem Cable

If Ip address didn’t changed using above step then you have to unplug internet cable or router for around 5min. Sometimes, it worked within 5min but if not you have to unplug modem cable for 1-2hrs.

#3 Method :- Unblock Omegle Online

I don’t think it’s good to go with rough ways, if you got simple service online which let you to unblock sites that are banned our IP Address. Visit sites below and try to access Omegle I hope it works for you.

Sometimes below sites may not work because Omegle blocks Flash and java script when anyone access site from anonymous Ips.

  • Unblocksit :- is really great website since i use this regularly to unban Omegle however its also worked for me to access sites which are banned in my country.
  • Anonymouse :- helps to access sites by saving private information.
  • BlewPass :- It’s having same features like above where it helps to access sites from random Ip Address.
  • Kproxy :- is know for their fastest free anonymous proxy online to helps users to protect their privacy.

#4 Method :- Using Adobe Flash Manager Setting

Most of the time Omegle ban you on basis of fake cam videos So if we can clear flash player records then it might possible you will unbanned from omegle for sure So let’s try!

a.  Go here for Adobe Flash Player Online Setting. You will something like below which is setting panel but didn’t look like.

unban omegle

b.  Now you got setting panel with list of websites that you visited. Now Search for, you will see something like below if you got omegle site then select that and hit “Delete Website” button.

delete omegle cookies

If you don’t want to keep other records you can hit “Delete all sites”.

c. Restart your browser  to make it worked. If it didn’t worked then try system restart once.

#5 Method :-  Using Free VPN Software

Free vpn service is basically used to keep online private records safe since it doesn’t keep your browsing history etc. and It also allows you to access internet from different country Ips. That means you can hide your current Ip Address.

Here we will use free vpn to change ip address to get unbanned from omegle. You just have to download below free vpn softwares and run them. After starting out it will change your system Ip address then you can access Omegle to unban omegle.

Lastly if all above modes failed to get unbanned from omegle then it’s fair to approach Omegle itself by filling their feedback form to staff members. To do so Visit Omegle then scroll down at left bottom you will see “Send feedback to Omegle’s staff.

feedback form

click over it to open pop-up form, fill out details and hit send feedback. It’s good to provide decent information like Ip Address, email address and date of Omegle ban. If you say that you might banned for your poor chat or image share then it will help staff members to take their decision quickly. You have to wait till staff members would reply you with positive response else you can play with above methods to unbanned from omegle faster.


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