Omegle is an online chatting website for chat lovers who are fond of text and video chatting online. It provides a rich set of capabilities to connect with any of the strangers around the world and make friends. It provides a wide network to chat with a wide range of people across the globe. Providing much wider perspective for chatting online, many of the online users have got fond of such sites.

Why Does Omegle Always Make Me Solve a Captcha Every time ?

Omegle website has created an inbuilt system to stop spammers for his website. Many people are there who are using such sites just to spam and to tease other users. Some of the good programmers also use online bots which use the automatic technology of using servers to spam such sites. To save its non-spammer users from such difficulties, some inbuilt restrictions are being created to catch such spammers and ban them from using the site.

fix omegle captcha every time

WebsitesOnline UsersRegistrationVideo/TextMobile APP
Random Chat27,000NoBothNo
Chat to Strangers20,000NoBothYes

Some of the restriction created which catches spammers includes:

  • You are online on Omegle website for a much longer time.
  • You pressed next button for many times at a quicker pace.

All these factors being considering as spammers put their IP address in blacklist temporally which will restrict them to access such sites. But it also hinders normal users if accidently he does the above operation. To protect from such occurrences, Omegle uses a captcha service to protect from spammers. But it is having some limitations as some decent user can face such a problem and may get frustrated by entering captcha over and again.

How Can I Fix Captcha Problem ?

Captcha being used to stop spammers creates a problem for the decent user too, so there are some of the simple and handy remedies to get rid of such captcha problem and enjoy out online chatting experience to the fullest extent.

Ways to Fix Captcha on Omegle are:

  1. One of the simple remedies to this problem is sending feedback to the Omegle staff members which will help the decent user to chat without much difficulty on the site. The option to send feedback to the staff is available at the lower left corner of the website where one can send feedback by just entering his/her email id which can further help the staff member to reply back.
  2. Another nice and proper method is to remove our IP address which is being entered in the blacklist. As we are not able to access the blacklist database of Omegle, we can change the IP address of our modem. Some of the good methods to do the same are using a different proxy to connect to the site, reconnecting the internet connection which will change our device IP address. There have been many other methods to change one’s IP address too which include an IP changer which will make fluctuate our IP and can allow us access back to the Omegle site.
  3. Another most easiest and effective way is to leave Omegle as there are many other sites too like Omegle out there providing similar and some new features too.

There’s being many ways to bypass the Omegle ban of your IP and can uban on omegle, we can use one of them to bypass it and enjoy our online chatting.

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