You will learn to cultivate nine Prizability attributes, discover secrets for developing ironclad confidence and powerful beliefs. The hopeless collective male thinks to be attractive to women is about possessing a list of material characteristics – and rightfully so. Eavesdrop in on a group of attractive women talking about men.

You’ll hear them yap on and on about how they want a guy with Brad Pitt’s mug, Fabio’s body, Ron Jeremy’s schlong, and Bill Gates’ bank account.

Yet many of these same women end up sleeping with and marrying guys with none of these characteristics. How do we resolve this paradox, my friend?

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Here’s the answer: the attributes women think they want in a man and the attributes that unconsciously drive them to see a man as a Prize are more diverse than Angelina Jolie’s kids.I bet you’re more interested in learning the unconscious attributes, right? Thought so. Here they are. Enjoy.

Attribute # 1: Being Good Looking

“Good-looking individuals are treated better than homely ones in virtually every social situation, from dating to trial by jury.” – Martha Beck

If you want women to see you as an Attractive, it’s important to be good looking. But before you book an appointment with a plastic surgeon for a quote on a face transplant, pectoral implants, penis enlargement, and liposuction, listen up…

The majority of men possess a look that works as an evil villain out to destroy them. Next time you’re out on the town, look around. You’ll notice herds of men wearing clothing that doesn’t look right on them. Many dresses more generic than Velveeta cheese. Some don threads so big and baggy, it looks like they are wearing hand-me-downs from daddy. Others squeeze into rags several sizes too small, causing their bodies to bulge out of their clothes – not a pretty sight. A few men are stylin’. The only problem is their look is so last decade.

it’s worth spending some time developing a look that works for you. Here Are Some Quick Tips For Developing A Style Tailor-made For You: Subscribe to a few men’s magazines like G.Q. and Maxim. They’ll give you a sense of what the latest trends are.

Hit up a few trendy bars or nightclubs just to see what the guys sucking up all the female attention are wearing. I’m willing to bet they’re doing something right.

Attribute # 2: Always Assume Women Are Interested In You

Princes Leia: I love you

Han Solo: I know

—Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back

When a man thinks a woman doesn’t like him, she can feel his nervous energy and insecurities creeping and crawling along the surface of her skin. Though she might pity the lovable loser, her attraction for him dwindles to a suicidal zero.On the other hand, when a man assumes a woman is interested, his Prizability increases in her eyes.But here lies the problem: many a man doesn’t assume a woman is interested until she gives him some sign: her eyes point at his ass as she utters, “impressive,” her little paws fondle him, her bra juts out an extra few inches, or something else.

While the man waits with the patients of a well-behaved schoolgirl for her to signal interest, his Prizability plummets.

Don’t wait for a woman to show interest in you. Instead, assume she thinks you’re a sought-after Prize from the get-go. Better yet, imagine that she sees you as a giant sausage with feet and feels compelled to molest you. As a result, she’ll see you as a Prize.There are two parts to assuming a woman is interested. The first is the inner game. You have to believe the woman is interested in you. The second is the outer game. There are specific things you can say and do that effectively communicate to women that you assume they’re interested in you.

Both are equally important and each one is handicapped without the other. You can genuinely believe a woman is interested in you. But if you don’t know the right way to communicate it to her, it will do no good…..

Attribute # 3: Having A Strong Reality & Possessing The Skill To Pull Her Into It

“The people around you may seem strong and more or less in control of their lives, but that is merely a façade. Underneath, people are more brittle than they let on. What lets them seem strong is the series of nest and safety nets they envelop themselves in – their friends, their family, their daily routines, which give them a feeling of continuity, safety, and control. Suddenly pull the rug from under them, drop them alone into some foreign place where the familiar signposts are gone or scrambled, and you will see a very different person.” – Robert Greene The Art Of Seduction

What is the reality? It’s your thoughts and beliefs, likes and dislikes, habits and daily routines, hobbies and interests, friends and family, goals and purposes, sources of validation and acceptance… and the list could literally go on ad infinitum.

I’ve seen way too many men (and women) get picked up by the scruff of their neck and pulled into another person’s reality. In the process, they lose their identity, strength, and Prizability in the other’s eyes.Many women are incessantly testing how strong a man’s reality is. They want to find out if they can pull a man out of his reality and into theirs.But if a woman succeeds in pulling you into her reality, you’re, in her eyes, no better than a confused, little piggy in a jungle full of snakes and hyenas.

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